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Our work spans domestic, commercial and industrial air conditioning, refrigeration and electrical contracts. We can handle all your installations, upgrades, maintenance schedules, and repairs. Workplace safety is a priority, and all required regulations and Australian standards are met.

Dale of Innes Air and Electrical is a qualified electrician with eight years’ experience, possessing a full air conditioning licence. Two decades of experience in refrigeration means he knows the ins and outs of the industry. 

Below is a general outline of services provided, but our extensive professional history includes a host of other commissions. People come to us for premium solutions. When it come to air, refrigeration and electrical we know what we're talking about.


Let us take charge of the air conditioning needs for your home and business. From  installation to commercial configuration air conditioning, we've got you covered. Sit back and relax. Air is our bread and butter!


The team will answer any queries you have regarding the type of air conditioning, running costs, model suitability, environmental impact, and installation and maintenance needs—whether evaporative, duct, reverse or split system.


At Innes Air and Electrical we think long-term. Give us a call to discuss the job. The goal is always to offer fast, professional service that is in the best interest of the client. Rest assure we'll get it right.



Refrigeration calls for expert care. With two decades of industry experience in refrigeration, our team can help with all your commercial refrigeration needs.
Whatever make or model, you can trust us with commercial installations and long-term care. Malfunctions can be costly, so don't wait until an issue develops. Organise servicing and save yourself in the long run. 
Keeping refrigeration and freezing equipment in top form is important. Identifying faults, replacing parts, and assisting with upgrades are all services we provide. Contact Innes Air and Electrical for informed, professional refrigeration care.



Dealing with power is no joke. A qualified, licensed and experienced electrician is essential to ensure safety and quality. Innes Air and Electrical's services are competitively priced, and our response time is impressive.


Electrical needs are wide-ranging. Fault finding, rewiring, fittings, and installation are some of our standard jobs. Switchboards, outlets, smoke alarms, cabling, entertainment system set-ups, LED maintenance and safety switches are other common contracts.


We handle a variety of domestic, commercial and industrial electrical and lighting contracts. For big or small electrical commissions, we stand by the high quality of our work, and pride ourselves on our professionalism.


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